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Be Your Own Valentine


Self Care Solitaire blog featuring self care suggestions, clinical examples, product recommendations and playlists to help readers identify healthy routines and habits they can incorporate into their own lives


Be Your Own Valentine


It’s February and you’ve probably started to notice hearts and doilies popping up all over. Stores are marketing gifts to give your valentine and we’re all being encouraged to invest time and money into the people we care about. This is fine. I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater, but it does seem strange to me that this holiday always passes without any mention of what I believe to be the most important kind of love: self love.

Whether you have a romantic partner or not, I would encourage you to take advantage of this month’s focus on relationships and invest in your relationship with yourselfHere are some ideas for how to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Start journaling

People who journal tend to do so not only to express themselves, but also to get to know themselves better. Journaling requires us to be present with our emotions, our thoughts, and our ideas, which increases self awareness. Relationships with others tend to be more enriching and rewarding if we feel truly understood, right? So take steps toward getting to know yourself better by journaling daily.

2. Write affirmations

Be kind to yourself. Use nice words to point out your strengths and celebrate the unique combination of traits that makes you you. You might do this by hiding notes for yourself around your dorm, apartment, or house. Stick post its with nice messages to your mirror, set an alarm on your phone to remind you how great you are. Get creative about finding ways to explore and affirm the things that you appreciate about yourself.

3. Cultivate hobbies

Doesn’t it feel good to find something that truly excites you? The spark of curiosity and joy when discovering a new passion is one of the most energizing feelings. Unfortunately, many of us are balancing so many different responsibilities that our hobbies tend to take a back seat. That spark fizzles. Use this month to rekindle it. It may take some creativity to reshuffle your schedule and work around obligations, but I challenge you to do the work to invest in yourself by prioritizing your hobbies.

4. Treat yo’ self

Spoil yourself rotten. Always wished someone would bring you breakfast in bed? Do it for you. Like flowers? Get yourself a dozen! Have you had your eye on a cool watch or piece of jewelry? If you can afford it, buy it for yourself. Treat it like a gift; like a “thank you” gift for being such an amazing you. Do these special things for yourself occasionally, because you are wonderful and kind and totally deserving. Don’t wait for someone else to appreciate you in the way that you deserve to be appreciated; go ahead and do that for you.


Already have a few go-to activities that allow you to enhance your relationship with yourself? It would be great to hear from you! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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