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Self care tools for dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, wanderlust, lack of motivation and more! Upcoming release of self care themed playing cards decks. 



Self Care Solitaire blog featuring self care suggestions, clinical examples, product recommendations and playlists to help readers identify healthy routines and habits they can incorporate into their own lives




It's December already! As the end of the year approaches, some of us may be contemplating resolutions; evaluating the goals we had for ourselves this past year, coming up with new goals for the year ahead. As we think about our New Year's resolutions, I want us to remind ourselves of the definition of "resolute," the root of resolution, which is, "to be admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering." 

These are strong words! If we are going to pay "purposeful, determined, and unwavering" attention to something, it seems to me that the thing we are striving for should be incredibly meaningful. Some common New Year's resolutions are to make more money, lose weight, have a more organized home. These are all fine goals, but are they worthy of "purposeful, determined, and unwavering" effort in and of themselves? I'm not sure. Maybe these resolutions would work better if we saw them as objectives on the way to reaching a larger, more encompassing goal. 

I wonder what would happen if we made it our goal for the New Year, to do a better job at loving ourselves. Chances are, loving ourselves wholly would mean improving physical, mental, and emotional self care, and making improvements in these areas would likely accomplish some of the smaller objectives mentioned above. In my clinical experience I have seen that, when it comes to goal setting, it is more effective to think big picture; the smaller objectives are things we will take care of on the way to accomplishing our large, overall goal.

So be specific, but aim high when engaging in goal setting for the new year. Next week, I'll discuss a specific goal setting method that I use with clients in my practice. In the meantime, what are some of the goals that are on your mind for next year? Let's discuss in the comments below! 

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