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Self care tools for dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, wanderlust, lack of motivation and more! Upcoming release of self care themed playing cards decks. 

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Self Care Solitaire blog featuring self care suggestions, clinical examples, product recommendations and playlists to help readers identify healthy routines and habits they can incorporate into their own lives


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Let's Hygge


You may have already heard of the Danish concept of hygge, (proncounced "Hoo-gah") about which more than 20 books were published just this year. This word, which doesn't have a direct English translation, but essentially refers to a feeling of coziness and content, has become extremely popular recently. 2016 was a rough year for many of us, so it's not hard to see why the pain and struggle of the past 12 months would prompt an increase in desire to focus on caring for ourselves, helping ourselves (and our loved ones) feel comforted. 

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Gratitude Playlist


I wrote last week that when we are going through difficult times, it is especially "important to recognize that we can choose to experience gratitude for even the tiniest of moments," I didn't know just how difficult the week would be, and just how much myself and others would be relying on small opportunities for thankfulness to make it through.

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In Real Life: Natalie


Happy Leap Day! You may have noticed over the past two months, that my blog posts each week fall into one of four categories: introductions to the monthly theme, music, product suggestions, and stories about clients from my clinical practice. This works out well, as there are generally 4 Mondays in each month. However there are a few months this year, February included, that have 5 Mondays, so I have decided to do something special in these cases. Today, and on the 5th Mondays of May, August, and October, I will be posting interviews highlighting the self care routines of individuals in my life. The idea is to take the concept of self care out of an abstract context and look at what it means to people in real life...

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